IDEA: Teaching web sites how to ask for information

Quick idea, since I'm at work and supposed to be "working". Also, this is kind of more than a concept than a well-thought-out plan.

The idea is this: rather than spending time coding web site forms and the server code to process the information, is it a better idea to "teach" the server how to ask for information in a general sense?

For example, you teach the server how to ask for a simple text answer, like a name. Then you tell the server "OK, I need some text answers from the user, with the labels "Name", "Address" and "Email". Then the server takes that information, and handles everything by itself. No need to code HTML forms or write code to process the information once submitted.

As I said, I haven't had time to flesh out the details, but I'm hoping it would make things easier. For those in the industry, it's similar to how phpMyAdmin seems to work (for all I know, it doesn't teach the server anything), just in a more user-friendly format.