CODING: Add "compare" to "get" and "set"

For the coders out there, you may be familiar with C#, and how it includes "get" and "set" functions. I was thinking there should be a third function called "compare". Many times in code, I need to know if a value matches what an object has in a property. Rather than using "get" and writing extraneous code over and over, why not a simple "compare"?


tempvar = object.property.get()
if (tempvar = comparevar) ...

if (object.property.compare(comparevar)) ...

It probably gets more complicated than that, but you get the idea


IDEA: Simpler interconnectivity for easier communication

It occurred to me that half of the mess of development of technology has to do with interfacing with legacy or proprietary systems. In light of this, I think it would be optimal for everyone to come to a consensus on what is the more efficient way to communicate (a la World Wide Web Consortium), and everyone develop around that. Legacy and proprietary interfaces would come at a premium to work with.

Some parts of this have already come to fruition, including XML.

IDEA: Humans as brain cells

Let me quickly guide you through my thinking before I start in. I was pondering Leonardo da Vinci, and how he created while cutoff from outside influences(1). Then I moved forward to today, where the Internet connects a lot of the world (if not most). Yet innovation proceeds, almost at an equal pace with da Vinci.

That's when I thought of something. What if humans with a connection to each other could mimic a human brain? Imagine a brain as diverse as or more diverse than our own. This might be the next leap in evolution.

(1) I don't know if he was actually mostly cut off from outside influences; I have yet to do actual research. My sources are Wikipedia and a video game with a rendering of one of his studios.